Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Unfortunately, when our children are experiencing foot pain, they don’t always tell us or are too young to communicate their pain. Not addressing foot pain until the problem worsens can lead to more challenging conditions and treatment plans. This is why keeping an eye on your child’s feet is crucial. Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to make that easier for parents.

Top 3 signs that your child’s feet need your attention:

1- Skin Looks Different

Sores and spots can develop anywhere on the feet. Red spots on the soles of the feet are a sign of an infection called hand, foot, and mouth disease. If you notice scaly spots on your child’s toes, your child could have athlete’s foot. And fleshy, elevated bumps that won’t heal are possibly warts that can be permanently removed.

2- Other Changes in Appearance

Examine your child’s ankles, feet, and gait. Note any blisters, redness or oozing, sudden pain, swelling, awkward gait, abnormal wear in their shoes, nail discoloration, changes in their skin, or redness. Also, note if any moles change in shape, size, or color.

3- Pain Doesn’t Go Away

Any pain that doesn’t go away with time is not normal. For instance, children are not safe from heel pain, particularly if they’re active in sports. Younger children have a growth plate in their heels, and walking can become painful when injured. Some children also suffer from arch pain, which may indicate flat feet. Even if your child can walk with their pain, it’s still possible they may have a tiny bone fracture.

Treating foot pain in children may be as simple as purchasing shoes in the next size up or as complex as surgery. If your child complains of foot pain or other issues, don’t wait – contact us to schedule an appointment.

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Keeping Your Feet Injury-Free this Halloween Season

children and Halloween

Kids love Halloween. It’s arguably the most kid-focused holiday of the year. Costume selection, trick or treating, decorating the house with spooky art, watching horror movies, and visiting haunted attractions are all fun Halloween activities for kids of all ages.

Whatever your activities are for the night, make sure the little ghosts and goblins stay safe. Potential foot problems can give you and your kids a scare and spoil all the fun out of your Halloween night.

Here are some tips to keep your Halloween injury-free:

  • Costume check: If you are making your costume, picking one out from a shop, or ordering online, the most important thing is the right measurements. A costume can become a tripping hazard. Ensure the outfit does not fall below the ankle or has a loose band of cloth as these things can cause a nasty fall. You can add reflective tape on the costumes to stay visible in the dark.
  • Shoe check: If your child is to have an active day, make sure they wear proper shoes. The little ones need to wear shoes that are ideal for supporting their feet for long hours and protecting them from hazards like broken glass or wet and uneven surfaces. Avoid wearing over-sized shoes as they can affect your balance and cause blisters or a potential injury.
  • Light check: If your child is trick or treating at night, carrying a flashlight can help save him or her from a trip or fall. If the neighborhood is not well lit, make sure to have a flashlight or even a glow stick to avoid curbs, bumps, and unexpected obstacles.

The key to excellent foot health is taking proactive measures and seeing your podiatrist regularly.

If you run into a foot or ankle problem on Halloween, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, can evaluate you for any risk factors and treat you promptly. Call us at (973) 917-3785 to schedule a convenient appointment or visit our office in Parsippany, NJ. Happy Halloween and stay safe!