Maintain Distance but Don’t Lose Touch

talking on phone

Has social distancing made you feel as though you are losing touch with your loved ones? Staying at home and adapting to the lockdown situation can be tiring and agitating.

However, staying in contact with your family and loved ones will not only make you feel better; it will make them happy too.

Here are some easy and creative ways to stay in contact:

  • Video calls: with internet accessibility, video calls are easy and a fun way to contact your loved ones. Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime are only a few apps; there are many to choose from. 
  • Online movie streaming: Many apps like Netflix Party, lets you enjoy movie nights with your friends and buddies by streaming the movies at the same time. You may be miles apart, but you’ll be watching the movie together!
  • Virtual games are on the rise. Not only can friends team up and play the game, but they can also interact with each other via audio.
  • Virtual workout groups are not new anymore. Groups of people can sign in and enjoy an exhilarating exercise session virtually.
  • Dine together: With so many things happening online, virtual lunches and dinners are on the rise too. Make the food you like and enjoy it with a friend or a group of friends by eating at the same time.  
  • Staying connected is not difficult anymore. A simple phone call to check up on your family and relatives will brighten up their days too.

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