What Causes Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud’s disease is a condition that doctors are still struggling to understand. With this condition, your body will overreact to stress or cold temperatures. This causes a change in your fingers and toes. The changes include your skin becoming a lighter color to the point where it becomes white, numbness, and a prickly feeling going into the affected area.

You may be wondering, however, what causes this illness to emerge?

Causes of Raynaud’s Disease

  • When your blood vessels spasm: With this affliction, the arteries to your toes and fingers narrow and limit blood supply. This is especially true if you are stressed or have been exposed to cold.
  • Artery diseases: These include plaque in the vessels, disorders, and high blood pressure.
  • Repetitive motions: Motions like playing piano, operating construction equipment, and other repetitive motions can lead to overuse.
  • Tissue diseases: Lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis are all connective tissue diseases that can increase the risk of Raynaud’s disease.
  • Smoking: This includes both smoking and second-hand smoke. Both are damaging and cause blood vessels to constrict.
  • Taking medications: If you take blood pressure medicine, headache and migraine medicine, or over-the-counter cold medicines you can be at increased risk.
  • Injuries: If you have had injuries to the feet or your hands like fractures, frostbite, or had surgery in these areas, you will be at further risk.

Raynaud’s is a condition that can cause other issues later. Knowing the causes can help you avoid this condition and keep your health at its peak. If you have these systems, you will need to get help from your podiatrist and doctor immediately. If you’re curious about the health of your feet, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, offers treatment for foot and ankle disorders, biomechanical analysis, and functional orthotic fabrication. For answers to your foot questions and to schedule your appointment, contact us at (973) 917-3785.