Keeping Your Feet Injury-Free this Halloween Season

children and Halloween

Kids love Halloween. It’s arguably the most kid-focused holiday of the year. Costume selection, trick or treating, decorating the house with spooky art, watching horror movies, and visiting haunted attractions are all fun Halloween activities for kids of all ages.

Whatever your activities are for the night, make sure the little ghosts and goblins stay safe. Potential foot problems can give you and your kids a scare and spoil all the fun out of your Halloween night.

Here are some tips to keep your Halloween injury-free:

  • Costume check: If you are making your costume, picking one out from a shop, or ordering online, the most important thing is the right measurements. A costume can become a tripping hazard. Ensure the outfit does not fall below the ankle or has a loose band of cloth as these things can cause a nasty fall. You can add reflective tape on the costumes to stay visible in the dark.
  • Shoe check: If your child is to have an active day, make sure they wear proper shoes. The little ones need to wear shoes that are ideal for supporting their feet for long hours and protecting them from hazards like broken glass or wet and uneven surfaces. Avoid wearing over-sized shoes as they can affect your balance and cause blisters or a potential injury.
  • Light check: If your child is trick or treating at night, carrying a flashlight can help save him or her from a trip or fall. If the neighborhood is not well lit, make sure to have a flashlight or even a glow stick to avoid curbs, bumps, and unexpected obstacles.

The key to excellent foot health is taking proactive measures and seeing your podiatrist regularly.

If you run into a foot or ankle problem on Halloween, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, can evaluate you for any risk factors and treat you promptly. Call us at (973) 917-3785 to schedule a convenient appointment or visit our office in Parsippany, NJ. Happy Halloween and stay safe!