Your Guide to Healthy Feet

At Step By Step Family Foot Care, we enthusiastically encourage our patients to be proactive about the health of their feet. Your feet are the foundation of your body. We take them for granted most days, but healthy feet enable you to stand, walk, run, work, shop, and do almost every other activity you love. There is much you can do to keep your feet fully functioning and prevent podiatric disorders. Let’s take a closer look.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Shoes that are well-made and fit properly are essential to maintaining your feet’ health. Get your feet professionally measured. Don’t be surprised if one foot is larger than the other – this can happen! Always buy shoes to accommodate the larger foot. Choose footwear styles with these features:

  • Roomy toe box (you should be able to wiggle all your toes freely)
  • Heel heights of two inches or less, but not completely flat
  • Good arch support
  • Cushioned insole and heel cup

Your shoe choice can minimize your risk of bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems, so choose carefully!

Don’t Neglect Daily Foot Care

Washing your feet daily with warm, soapy water and drying feet completely can go a long way toward preventing bacterial and viral infections like athlete’s foot. Apply talcum or anti-fungal powder in the morning and a thick moisturizer at night. Keep nails trimmed, and be sure that the nails are not growing into the skin of the nail bed and becoming ingrown.

Never Ignore Your Pain

Pain, numbness, burning, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in your feet are all your body’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Putting off seeking treatment can often lead to worsening the condition and even developing secondary disorders. Contact us if you are concerned about an issue with your toes, feet, or ankles.

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Say Goodbye to Fungal Infections

Summer means sweat, and sometimes sweat can lead to bacteria and infection. How can you avoid a fungal foot infection this season? The best solution is prevention and protecting your feet from the microbes that cause the infection in the first place. Fungus loves warm, moist environments, such as those of your shoes. Keeping your feet and shoes dry and bacteria-free is most important for avoiding Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus, but there are plenty of other solutions.

How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Today:

1. Avoid direct contact with microbes by protecting your feet

Public showers, bathrooms, locker rooms, and such are teaming with microbes. Wear shower shoes or sandals to protect your feet from microbes.

2. Trim your toenails properly

Trimming them straight across or on a slight curve and keeping them a little long will help prevent ingrown toenails that can be the precursor to a frustrating fungal toenail infection.

3. Wear breathable, lightweight socks and shoes

Choose those made of breathable materials to allow moisture to evaporate instead of building up.

4. Keep your feet clean and dry

Wash your feet daily with mild soap. Take the time to dry them before putting on your socks and shoes. It will help keep microbes from growing.

5. Use medicinal lotions, sprays, and powders in your shoes and on your feet

Antifungal products can be applied to your feet and inside your shoes to kill the fungi directly.

Do you think you have a fungal infection? Call us as soon as possible! Don’t delay treatment.

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with any of your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Unfortunately, when our children are experiencing foot pain, they don’t always tell us or are too young to communicate their pain. Not addressing foot pain until the problem worsens can lead to more challenging conditions and treatment plans. This is why keeping an eye on your child’s feet is crucial. Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to make that easier for parents.

Top 3 signs that your child’s feet need your attention:

1- Skin Looks Different

Sores and spots can develop anywhere on the feet. Red spots on the soles of the feet are a sign of an infection called hand, foot, and mouth disease. If you notice scaly spots on your child’s toes, your child could have athlete’s foot. And fleshy, elevated bumps that won’t heal are possibly warts that can be permanently removed.

2- Other Changes in Appearance

Examine your child’s ankles, feet, and gait. Note any blisters, redness or oozing, sudden pain, swelling, awkward gait, abnormal wear in their shoes, nail discoloration, changes in their skin, or redness. Also, note if any moles change in shape, size, or color.

3- Pain Doesn’t Go Away

Any pain that doesn’t go away with time is not normal. For instance, children are not safe from heel pain, particularly if they’re active in sports. Younger children have a growth plate in their heels, and walking can become painful when injured. Some children also suffer from arch pain, which may indicate flat feet. Even if your child can walk with their pain, it’s still possible they may have a tiny bone fracture.

Treating foot pain in children may be as simple as purchasing shoes in the next size up or as complex as surgery. If your child complains of foot pain or other issues, don’t wait – contact us to schedule an appointment.

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Winter Foot Pain

Foot Pain

As we get into the thick of the winter, many are experiencing some frustrating foot pain that seemingly has no root cause. You may be wondering why this is occurring. Foot pain is unfortunately common during the winter and there are a range of reasons why! Here’s a breakdown of where cold weather foot pain comes from and what you can do about it!

Where It’s Coming From

If you’re not actively healing an injury and practicing daily foot care habits, you may be confused as to why you have mild to moderate pain. But it’s not that strange! Here are some of the top reasons why this could be happening to you:

  • Cold weather: Bitter winds are known to lead to sore, achy limbs. Cold weather causes your body to slow blood circulation to your arms and legs in an attempt to preserve your body’s core temperature. This can result in cold feet and joint pain!
  • Gaining weight: It’s important to eat well and enjoy yourself during the holidays. But did you know that weight gain can lead to poor foot health? Extra weight can put more pressure on your feet, leading to more wear and tear.
  • Wearing the wrong shoes: One of the biggest causes of foot problems is wearing ill-fitting shoes. If you don’t take good care of your feet by wearing comfy, supportive footwear, you can end up with blisters, bunions, and hammertoes. Winter is a time when a lot of people go skiing or ice skating, which can be fun, but if you don’t wear the right kind of boots, you can easily injure yourself.

Lessening The Pain

So, what can you do to help ease the stress? Here are some of our best tips for treating cold-weather foot pain:

  • Call your podiatrist if you’re experiencing ongoing or severe pain
  • If you run into a minor injury, follow R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation)
  • Stretch your feet daily
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bundle up with thick socks and insulated boots
  • Maintain a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with any of your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Five Ways to Say Thank You to Your Feet

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your start to the holiday season is enjoyable. Thanksgiving is naturally a time when people like to reflect on their everyday life and consider what they’re most grateful for. Our feet do so much for us, but they’re often neglected when it comes to self-care. This Thanksgiving, we’re encouraging everyone to spend some time giving their feet extra TLC. What better way to show gratitude and appreciation for your feet than with an at-home foot care routine? We’re sharing five of the best ways you can give your feet some love this November!


First things first. Are your toenails trimmed properly? For the best results, cut straight across the nail and file down any rough spots with a file. Rounding the edges or cutting too short can cause ingrown nails! If trimming your nails is difficult, see if your podiatrist offers this service or go to your local nail salon. Another thing to keep in mind – never share nail tools with others!


What’s better than a nice foot soak? Foot soaks have so many benefits. Not only are they great for moisturization, decreasing inflammation, and getting rid of odor, but they’re the perfect way to relax after a long day. Fill your tub or a big bucket with lukewarm water up to your ankle. Next, add Epsom salts, black or green tea bags, vinegar, or essential oils to amp up the experience and benefits. Allow your feet to soak for up to 30 minutes before drying.


With the weather cooling down, dry skin may seem to be inevitable. But exfoliation is one of the ways you can keep your feet itch and flake-free! Use a gentle washcloth or sponge and some mild soap during your shower. Alternatively, you can get a pumice stone if you suffer from calluses.


The best treat for your feet? Daily foot massages! This is especially helpful for those who deal with foot conditions that cause soreness, pain, or inflammation. For even more benefits, consider reflexology.


Incorporate some lotion into your foot massage or apply it after your shower! Moisturizer can not only help with dry feet but calluses and corns as well. Just be sure to avoid applying in between your toes!

Step By Step Family Foot Care is here to assist you with any of your podiatry needs! To make an appointment with Dr. Debra Manheim, call us at (973) 917-3785 or visit our site to schedule an appointment. The staff at our Parsippany office is ready and eager to help.

Keep Your Feet Beautiful with These Simple Tips

If you missed out on August 17th’ National I Love My Feet Day, this is the perfect time to remind you to show some gratitude to your feet.  Our feet do so much for us, from carrying our entire body weight to carrying groceries. One way to show your feet some love is to keep them beautiful. The first step is to rid yourself of dry skin and keep your feet moisturized. Here are some easy tips to do that.

Use gentle soap in the shower. Harsh soaps can make dry skin worse. When buying soap try to look for words like “For Sensitive Skin” and “Moisturizing.”

Keep it warm. When you shower or bathe, it’s best to stick with lukewarm water. Hot water can dry out skin even more.

Scrub off dead skin with an exfoliant. Using a pumice stone works great. You can also use a simple foot file. Another option is to use a liquid foot scrub that is designed to exfoliate. Rub it on in the shower and wash it off.

Soak your feet. Try a mixture of 1 part Listerine, 1 part vinegar, and 2 parts warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

Seal in moisture. Apply a lotion after you bathe or shower. Showering and bathing can dry out your skin. Try applying lotion to lock in the moisture that showers can take out.

Put on cream at night. Applying cream to your feet when you go to bed can also help.  To keep it sealed in, try pulling socks on over the cream.

Avoid open-backed shoes.  They can cause increased weight and increased friction from the back of shoes resulting in cracked heels. Dry cracking skin can also be a subtle sign of more significant problems, such as diabetes or loss of nerve function (autonomic neuropathy).  Heels should be kept well moisturized with a cream to help reduce the cracking. If an open sore is noted, make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon for evaluation and treatment.

If you have any issues with foot health, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, offers treatment for foot and ankle disorders, biomechanical analysis, and functional orthotic fabrication. For more information and answers to your questions and to schedule an appointment, contact us at (973) 917-3785. 

Holiday Foot Care Tips

foot care

The holidays are here again. That means plenty of hustle and bustle. People will be doing a lot of shopping, going to malls, waiting in long lines, and traveling to see friends and family. It can be stressful. It’s easy to forget to take good care of your feet in all this activity. Here are five tips to make sure your feet stay safe and healthy this holiday season.

  • Keep your feet dry. Many people this winter are wearing heavy wool socks or fur-lined boots. While these can keep your feet warm they can also make your feet sweaty! A moist environment is perfect to develop a rash or athlete’s foot. The best way to prevent this is to have an extra pair of socks on hand to change into whenever your feet feel damp.
  • Minimize time in heels. Although they can be stylish, long hours spent in high heels can increase the risk for several foot problems. If you do wear heels make sure to do so only for short periods.
  • Treat your feet. One way to give your feet a nice relaxing treat is to go for a professional pedicure. Make sure the salon you use sanitizes all their instruments. When in doubt, it can be a good idea to bring your own clippers and other nail tools to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Choose the right footwear. Winter weather means snow and ice. Slippery conditions make it essential to have shoes or boots with a sturdy, gripping tread, and a wide, stable heel.
  • Take breaks! Instead of trying to get all your shopping and errands done at once try spacing out your shopping. Rest your feet whenever possible. If you do start to experience foot pain, take a break immediately, and if the pain persists contact your podiatrist.

If you have any issues with foot health and mobility, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, offers treatment for foot and ankle disorders, biomechanical analysis, and functional orthotic fabrication. For more information and answers to your questions, and to schedule an appointment, contact us at (973) 917-3785.

Holiday Gifts for the Feet

foot gifts

If you still have some last-minute holiday gift shopping to do, foot pampering is the way to go. The team at Step By Step Family Foot Care has you covered with some great suggestions.

  • At-home spa kit—The perfect gift for someone special who needs a bit of pampering. A trip to the salon or spa may sound like a dream come true, but given the pandemic, it’s likely not practical. Instead, recreate a spa-like experience at home by putting together a set of amenities that will make your experience truly special. Be sure to include scented lotions, moisturizer or cream, multi-color nail polish, toenail clippers, toe separators, nail file, cuticle remover, and a pumice stone for callus removal.
  • Foot massager—Nothing says thanks like a soothing foot massage after a long, exhausting day at work. A wide variety of massage products are available for the feet. Invest in a good foot massager that can help you relax, improve circulation throughout the body, and reduce aches, pains, and stress in your feet.
  • Insulated water bottle—Water has a lot to do with the body and feet. The body functions best when adequately hydrated. Drinking the right amount of water can help flush out harmful toxins from the body, improve blood flow to the extremities, reduce the severity of gout flare-ups, promote healthy glowing skin/toenails, and prevent foot cramps. Doctors recommend that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

If you need more gift ideas or have concerns about your foot health, contact Step By Step Family Foot Care. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, can help you with any foot or ankle pain or deformity you are experiencing. Call us at (973) 917-3785 to schedule a convenient appointment or visit our office in Parsippany, NJ. Step By Step Family Foot Care is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and diagnostic tools to handle all your podiatric needs. For more information on podiatry related topics and the many services we offer, you can browse through our podiatric services and blog website sections.

Five Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy During This Holiday Season

happy holiday feet
As holiday happiness reaches its peak, be sure not to neglect your feet. Keep them safe so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

We at Step by Step Family Foot Care advise our patients to take it easy and take ample rest breaks in between all the hustle and bustle. Walking from one corner to the other at shopping malls, running errands, standing in long lines, going up and down endless stairs, are all factors that can result in foot pain or ankle sprains.

Here are five ways to ensure the safety of your feet:
  1. Wear comfortable shoes: If you have a busy day lined up, it is best to put on a pair of comfy shoes that provide heel and arch support to your feet. Avoid wearing heels for long durations, as that will surely result in sore feet.
  2. Use orthotic inserts: Customized orthotic inserts are the greatest gifts that you can give to your feet. With extra support, stability, and balance, you can cruise swiftly through all the crowded places.
  3. Watch where you are stepping: Winter season makes paths slippery. Therefore, it is crucial to watch out for places that are wet or pose a threat of slipping. Carelessness can cost you a sprained ankle, a damaged tendon or worse – a fracture!
  4. Keep your feet clean and dry: Closed shoes, thick socks, and heated places are sure to make your feet sweaty, exposing them to the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Wash your feet daily and keep them dry. Switch shoes and keep extra pairs of socks so that you can change frequently. Foot powder is also quite useful.
  5. Don’t burden your feet: With the abundance of sugary treats and holiday feasts, one is very likely to gain extra pounds. Watch your weight as it can damage your tendons and result in excruciating foot pain.

If you have any concerns related to your feet, contact our office in Parsippany, NJ by calling (973) 917-3785 to schedule a convenient appointment. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim will examine your foot and ankle condition and recommend the best course of action for their health and safety. For more information on foot problems and foot health, you can browse through our patient education library.

Are Ingrown Toenails Giving You Trouble?

An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the nails tend to grow into the skin of the toes. This can cause burning, pain, swelling, and even numbness. If left unattended, ingrown toenails may start bleeding, or become infected with pus and bacteria.

What are the causes of ingrown toenails and how can they be prevented?

  • Restrictive and ill-fitted shoes tend to compress your toes together and push your nails inside your skin leading to ingrown toenails. Wearing proper shoes and leaving your feet open every now and then will keep your toenails safe and secure.
  • Footwear that does not have ample space between the big toe and the inside of the shoe wall may constantly rub against your toenail and make you fall prey to ingrown nails. Therefore, it is integral to wear the right size of shoes and see any foot changes that may occur.
  • The most common reason cited for ingrown toenails is cutting your nails in a curved shape. Foot doctors recommend that the nails be cut straight so that they do not grow into the skin surrounding the nail area.
  • Cutting your nails too short can also cause your nails to penetrate your skin when they are growing back.
  • Bumping into hard surfaces and injuring your nails can also change the shape of your toenails and the direction in which they grow. Keep your feet safe and watch where you are going.

If you notice any unusual changes in your ankles, feet or toenails like swelling, redness, nail or skin thickening, discoloration, bone structure alterations etc. Do not ignore such signs and visit your podiatrist immediately.

Moreover, if you are unsure about your foot condition or require more information, we suggest you visit our patient education library or schedule an appointment with our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Debra B. Manheim at Step by Step Family Foot Care. Visit or contact our Parsippany office at your ease and convenience.