Healthy Food Choices Keep Your Feet Happy

Most of us are either unaware or choose to ignore the link between the food choices we make and the health of our feet. In recognition of National Nutrition Month, the experts at Step by Step Family Foot Care would like to reinforce the importance of a nutritious diet as a way to keep your feet healthy and performing at their optimal level.

Here are a few tips to consider when you are finalizing your menu:

  • Go green! Eat various leafy vegetables to provide you with the necessary nutrients to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy. Spinach, kale, soybeans are good sources of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Fill your plate with colors. Consuming a combination of produce, along with seasonal fruits and vegetables, will give your body a holistic boost. Not only will this replenish all your nutrient requirements, but you will feel fresh and upbeat.
  • Go nuts! Delight your taste buds with a range of nuts like almonds and walnuts.
  • Experiment while cooking. Explore cuisines from around the world and select all the healthy recipes. Try making new dishes at home and enjoy a family meal together.
  • Change your method of cooking. Avoid deep-fried foods as they tend to increase your cholesterol levels. You can always switch to baking or steaming for a change of taste.

Eating a nutritious diet is essential to maintain your body weight and prevent your feet from being overburdened. Excessive weight puts undue stress on your lower extremities, increasing your chances of problems like flat feet, heel and arch pain, ankle sprains, arthritis, and more.

To learn more about various health risks and their preventive measures, feel free to consult our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim. In case of pain or discomfort in your lower extremities, schedule an appointment by calling our office in Parsippany, New Jersey, at (973) 917-3785 right away.

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