Diabetes Awareness Month and Your Feet

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the number of people in America with diabetes is on the rise, and millions more go undiagnosed every year. Diabetes can cause major health issues, especially at the extremities like your feet. Now is a good time to go over what you need to know about how diabetes can affect your feet and what you can do about it.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes affects how your body turns food into energy. If you have diabetes, your body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin it does make is ineffective and it allows too much blood sugar to stay in your bloodstream. Over time, this can cause serious health problems.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed. Losing weight, eating healthy food, quitting smoking, and being active can all really help. Foot health is especially important as diabetes can cause numbness in the extremities, so checking your feet regularly is vital to prevent any types of sores or wounds or any foot complications from happening.

Here are some other tips to keep your feet healthy and happy if you are diagnosed with diabetes:

  • Never go barefoot
  • Make sure to check your blood sugar regularly
  • Make sure to wear shoes that fit appropriately
  • If you notice increased redness, pain, or swelling to your feet, call your podiatrist immediately

  • Wash your feet every day in warm water to prevent damage to your skin

  • Keep your toenails regularly trimmed

  • Use a moisturizer to prevent your skin from cracking

Having diabetes is no fun, however with the right care and regular visits to your podiatrist it doesn’t have to prevent you from leading a quality life. If you have any issues with foot health and mobility, contact Step by Step Family Foot Care in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Debra B. Manheim, offers treatment for foot and ankle disorders, biomechanical analysis, and functional orthotic fabrication. For more information and answers to your questions, and to schedule an appointment, contact us at (973) 917-3785.

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